Renovating or remodeling your bathroom is a great investment in your home and quality of life. Creating a beautiful, functional place to unwind at the end of a long day, get ready for an important date or meeting, or just cleaning the kids before bed. In addition, a bathroom renovation or remodel offers a high return on investment in the real estate market. Bathroom renovations require careful planning to ensure its affordability, since certain factors like the amount of labour, bathroom size and materials chosen affect the overall cost. 

Gilbert Custom Contracting helps you stay on budget while also ensuring that your vision and dream become a reality.

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How long does it take to renovate a bathroom?

The length of the renovation depends on the size the bathroom, complexity, whether you have just a shower stall, tub, stand alone tub, or some kind of combination and what other items are a part of your bathroom renovation. Factors include: demolition, new flooring, heated flooring, tiling shower vs. acrylic, painting, new drywall, backsplash, etc. All of these contribute to the length of the project.

On the short end typically about 3 days to 2 weeks and 4-6 weeks on the long end.

What is the cost to renovate a bathroom?

There are many factors that affect the cost: scope, complexity, cost of materials, removing drywall, etc.  Low end $12K, mid-range $25K High end $45k+.

What are the steps to renovating a bathroom?

1) Have an idea of what you are looking for (i.e. layout, photos you found online, figure out “must haves” and “nice to haves”,etc.).
2) Find a contractor
3) Have a consultation to choose fixtures, tile, colours, etc.
4) Have a plan for you and your family while the renovations are taking place.

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